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Dr. Allan Greer
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Gonzaga University
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Prof. John Wilson
Lecturer of Physics
Herak 310C
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MS, US Naval Post Graduate School
BS, US Naval Academy

I have been teaching at Gonzaga for more than seven years. Typically, I teach General Physics and do so with an emphasis on the practical application of the laws of physics. In my courses, students learn the principles not by mathematical proofs but by considering situations encountered in everyday life, learning firstly how to apply the laws of physics to physical phenomena and secondly that their results make physical sense corresponding to their own observations of how things work. I also try to use my previous experience as a naval officer to help students imagine how they will use physics in their careers.

My active duty experience varied widely from combatant assignments as a Surface Warfare Officer to industrial management as an Engineering Duty Officer. Some of my more interesting assignments were being the engineer officer of a nuclear aircraft carrier, the project manager for three ship overhauls, and the second-in-command officer of a ship. With that background, I am always happy to discuss my own Navy experience or to give my perspective on whether students should consider either a Navy career or other government employment for their futures.

I have worked with young people for most of my life and helping them learn how things work is what motivates my teaching. My career now comprises some twenty years and, throughout that time, I have always enjoyed discussing with students the possibilities that lie before them as career choices. I look forward to many more such conversations with future students.

Research Interests
My research interests, such as they are, have always been in the field of hydrodynamics. The behavior of ships moving through the sea or the effects of the sea moving past stationary structures such as oil platforms were at one time topics of great interest to me.