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Dr. Allan Greer
Professor and Chair

Office: Herak 314
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Gonzaga University
Physics Department
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Posting: Assistant Professor, Physics (Faculty)

Introductory physics laboratories at Gonzaga University accompany each of our Introductory physics courses.

  • PHYS 101L -- General Physics I Lab (algebra based)
  • PHYS 102L -- General Physics II Lab (algebra based)
  • PHYS 103L -- Scientific Physics I Lab (calculus based)
  • PHYS 204L -- Scientific Physics II Lab (calculus based)

Our lab sections run for three hours, and we will typically have nine sections scheduled per week of each of the 101/103 and 102/204 labs, both in the fall semester and in the spring semester. Our section size is limited to sixteen (16) students maximum, due to space and equipment constraints. We have four separate lab rooms, each dedicated to our labs.

We have eight PC's in each introductory lab. All of these are networked. Each lab room has it own networked printer. We have 16 PASCO Capstone interfaces in the labs, and use them on about half of the labs we have students perform in the 101/103 lab. We do not presently use the interfaces in the 102/204 labs.

Experimental equipment ranges from simple things like pendula to more complex items like the PASCO motion sensors. A list of experiments done in the 101/103 laboratory, as well as links to PDF format files of the lab handouts, can be found on the Lab Resources tab of this website. These lab handouts likely describe the equipment in sufficient detail to give a sense of what we do here. A similar listing of lab handouts for the 102/204 lab are also available on the Lab Resources tab of this website.

For the lab sections in which you are the instructor of record, you will have a student TA that may assist you. During lab, you may have the TA help groups of students as they progress through lab, and you may have the TA collect and help grade lab reports. Many of the TAs are Physics majors, but we also employ engineering students and students from other sciences as TAs.

In addition to the lab courses discussed above, there is PHYS 104L, the Scientific Inquiry Lab. This lab course is part of the department's offering of a core science course that non-science majors may take to fulfill core curriculum requirements. This lab meets once a week for one hour and fifty minutes, is limited to sixteen students, and does not include the help of a TA.

Lab instructors are not responsible for set-up, tear-down, or maintenance of lab equipment.

Gonzaga University is a Jesuit, Catholic, humanistic institution, and is therefore interested in candidates who will contribute to its distinctive mission. Gonzaga University is a committed EEO/AA employer and diversity candidates are encouraged to apply. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to their disability status and/or protected veteran status.

The security of all members of the campus community is of vital concern to Gonzaga University. Information regarding crime prevention advice, the law enforcement authority of Campus Security, policies concerning the reporting of any crimes which may occur on the campus, and the crime statistics for the most recent three-year period may be requested from the Gonzaga University Security Department, 502 E. Boone Ave., MSC Box 2468, Spokane, WA 99258. Phone: (509) 313-4150.