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Dr. Allan Greer
Professor and Chair

Office: Herak 314
Phone:(509) 313-6757
Fax:(509) 313-5718

Gonzaga University
Physics Department
AD Box 51
502 E. Boone Ave.
Spokane, WA 99258-0051

Dr. Matthew Geske
Assistant Professor of Physics
Herak 312A
(509) 313-6755

PhD, Pennsylvania State University
BS, University of Michigan

Research Interests
Cosmic Rays

I study comic rays, which are high-energy charged particles originating from outside the solar system. Cosmic rays come from a variety of sources, with the highest energy ones being accelerated in supernova remnants. I primarily deal with detector design, building instruments to detect and measure the energy of these charged particles. Cosmic ray studies are an important window into the workings of stars and the local Galaxy. Detection is primarily accomplished with large area ground based detectors, or with smaller detectors hoisted on large balloons or satellites. In the past I have worked on balloon-borne experiments, and am looking into developing a new instrument for a future balloon flight.