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Dr. Eric Aver
Professor and Chair

Office: Herak 312B
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Gonzaga University
Physics Department
AD Box 51
502 E. Boone Ave.
Spokane, WA 99258-0051

Physics at Gonzaga

Physics students at GU study the laws that govern the natural universe around us, including gravity, energy, motion, and time and space. Because of its fundamental importance to many other scientific fields such as astronomy, biology, chemistry, and engineering, physics is an interesting and useful topic of study for many students.

The Department of Physics is an undergraduate-only program that offers both a major and a minor in physics. The curriculum is designed to rigorously prepare students for future careers in science and technology by exposing students to the fundamental laws that govern the universe and instilling the ability in them to apply these laws in real-world situations. Additionally, the curriculum provides interested liberal arts students an avenue for exploring the ideas and implications of scientific thinking.

Our faculty teach all courses, including all lab courses. Class sizes are often small, fostering a dynamic, Socratic approach in the classroom between students and professor in which high student engagement is encouraged and expected.

Students who study physics may pursue a traditional path after graduation, such as continuing studies in a graduate program or gaining employment in a scientific field, or they may enter medical school or law school or even blaze their own path in a field that values the critical-thinking and problem-solving skills they developed during their time as a physics major. Students are strongly encouraged to speak with a physics faculty member regarding any interests in majoring or minoring in physics.